World Premiere of Dark Girls Movie in Toronto at TIFF

We are proud to announce that the Dark Girls movie will be making our world premiere at the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival in September!

There is lots of work to do to get ready in time. Check back here to follow our journey to Canada.  Are you Excited?????


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5 Responses to World Premiere of Dark Girls Movie in Toronto at TIFF

  1. C.S. Stone says:

    I am MORE than excited… this is, for ME, a really big deal. Congratulations and good luck!

  2. Latessa says:

    Weve been waiting for news of the release of this movie…. Really wish I lived in Canada right now, but hopefully we wont have to wait to long before it comes to the states

  3. Roz Beauty says:

    Wow….awesome! Please keep me informed with the date. I wanna be there!

  4. Antoinette says:

    I’m looking forward to this hitting UK shores! Well done and Thank You!

  5. monique says:

    Thank GOD someone made a film like this. I want to make my beautiful little black nephews watch it 100 times! The division between young black men and women being fed by our contemporary imagery bombardment culture has only made what used to be a problem into a full blown crisis. Racism and sexism are all the same game. Everyone just needs to love themselves as they are and love other people for WHO they are and what they stand for. A woman’s value is not determined by how she looks. Once you allow that thinking in you are primed to become a card carrying racist period. We can’t rid the world of racism without ridding it of sexism as well. (which by the way would take care of ageism simultaneously) Black women must remeber that we went through hell in this hemisphere fighting for our rights and proving how brilliant and strong and steadfast we can be. This flew in the face of racism and sexism. We fly in the face of racism and sexism every day. We are the most emancipated creatures on earth and we have the power to lead the next human rights movement. All we have to do is learn how to love ourselves and teach our sons and daughters to do the same. And it starts here. With the truth. Thank you for making this film.

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