‘The Help’s’ Viola Davis featured in Dark Girls Movie

We are proud to announce the amazing Oscar nominated actress Viola Davis will be featured in the upcoming Documentary, Dark Girls.  The film will also have interviews with from Michael Colyar and more.

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3 Responses to ‘The Help’s’ Viola Davis featured in Dark Girls Movie

  1. RA says:

    that’s ironic because “The Help” is all about interviews!

  2. Sheerene Whitfield says:

    Go Viola! BEAUTIFUL!

  3. Keisa Sanders says:

    I saw Dark Skinned girls last night in Oakland. This documentary had me going through ever emotion possible. As a women that is brown skinned with a mother that is very fair and a father who is very dark. I can remember growing up hearing my mother’s mother say she could not stand my father, because he was darker skinned. As a child I could never understand why my grandmother hated my father so, since she was a darker skinned women herself. After seeing the film I better understood why she may have felt the way she did. It made me realize that my grandmother was not a bad women just a broken women. That probably herself she had been teased and hurt over the years, because of her darker complexion.

    I want to thank you for making this film and sharing it with the world. I hope this film helps heal our women and men that have been so badly broken. My hope is that people start to understand that we are all beautiful rather we are light, dark, short, tall etc.

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