Rise Women Rise: Liv

Guest Story by Liv

I live in the Bahamas. It is a nation of 350,000+ where black is the majority. I have friends that are dark and have grown up with the same issues of colour that happen in the U.S. The only difference for MY story is the opposite. I am bi-racial: White mother and black father (both Bahamian) and growing up I was teased and called white girl. I had black features, but the colour of my skin was wrong. I was, I am the minority and I get treated like it constantly. I am told I must be rich because of the colour of my skin, though I am not. They don’t see that I am also black. I was treated badly as I got older for having “brighter” skin and told that I had an easier life, which was not true. I was still the white girl, never accepted as black or heck even mixed. I struggled like most white or mixed girls do here constantly the butt of all jokes, never good enough or black enough, therefore not cool enough and excluded from things. This is my life. We as humans always seem to find a way to ostracize any minority group.


The Dark Girls Movie- Rise  Women Rise Campaign seeks to share their stories of healing, empowerment, and triumph. We know this issue goes beyond the United States and Black people. This is for ALL women from around the world. If you have a written story or video, please submit here.

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