Rise Women Rise: Karilyn

Guest Story by Karilyn

In every woman’s journey come challenges to finding a life of self-worth. But for “dark girls,” women and girls of deep color, prejudice cuts to the core of the woman’s heart. Rise with us, women and men of all colors as we form a unique movement to change forever, the lives of these disenfranchised women.

This movie really is about all of us. in some way we are all dark girls. There’s a lot of work that still needs to be done to expose this issue. Help today–donate! Even one dollar will help, just one.

This story, your story, needs to be told!


The Dark Girls Movie- Rise  Women Rise Campaign seeks to share their stories of healing, empowerment, and triumph. We know this issue goes beyond the United States and Black people. This is for ALL women from around the world. If you have a written story or video, please submit here.

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  1. Lou says:

    I think this is absolutely shocking. I have friends who have extremely dark dark skin and its BEAUTIFUL and glowing. I love that we (ALL people) are all different shades, it makes us more interesting. The history of black and white is devastating and shocking and clearly still impacts us today. When reflecting on this I feel shame because of my whiter than white skin.

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