East Coast Dates Added in March

Click the links to purchase tickets:
March 10 – 7pm
Philadelphia, PA
Tower Theatre

March 23 – 8pm
Buffalo, NY
Shea’s Performing Arts Center

As dates are added, check this page


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4 Responses to East Coast Dates Added in March

  1. Jody Forbes-Sheppard says:

    When will this come to Miami or somewhere closeby?

  2. G Farmer says:

    Please return to NYC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Wendy Thorpe says:

    I’m very excited about this project as Bill Duke is a legend in black cinema. I have been honored to have taught a college course entitled, Media and the Black Experience at a NYC college. I respectfully request that you give credit for the famous behavioral experiment you referenced to Dr. Kenneth Clark. Black Americans owe much to his pioneering research which proved with this and other experiments that seperate in not necessarily equal.

  4. america says:

    Who cares ! The important men have brown wives like Denzel Washington and President Obama!!

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